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Autostrada Tirane – Durres, Km 12
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About us

Citypark located in the heart of Albania on the Tirana-Durres highway and conceived as a place of relaxation and entertainment. Designed to fill everyone with joy, Citypark will quickly become your favorite place, where you will find the friendly atmosphere that you may have missed for a long time.

In our stores you will find the largest Hypermarket in Albania, the best brands of clothing, accessories, perfumes and everything related to the kitchen and home. While you are shopping in Citypark and you are in our friendly atmosphere, you can be sure that in this shopping center you will find yourself and everything you are looking for.

What we offer

Citypark will offer variety, quality and performance, focusing on impressive experiences and the satisfaction of its Friends. Citypark serves a primary area of ​​1.4 million inhabitants with an average expenditure per family of 600 Euro/month. As a secondary area, Citypark covers about 639,000 inhabitants, with an average monthly expenditure of 540 Euros per family.

The primary area and the secondary area that Citypark covers is about 62% of Albania's population, and families have an average monthly expenditure of about 30% more than other areas. The position of Citypark is the first point of contact and the most accessible for the residents of Kosovo as well as the South of Albania*, turning the coverage area, considered tertiary, to 2.1 million inhabitants. An amazing experience for customers. This is what Citypark offers.